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Calm Your Vibes

Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Eye Pillow - 100% Linen fabric

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Linen Eye Pillows and Linen Neck Wraps are made with 100% linen fabric, and organic flaxseed, and come with a custom scent to match the fabric or you can choose Unscented which will be Flaxseed only. Lavender color linen - "Calming" -Lavender Flowers Pink Petal color linen - "Floral" - Rose Petals & Chamomile buds Mint Green color linen - "Breathe" - Peppermint Leaves & Eucalyptus Leaves Light Ash Gray color linen - "Earthy" - Sage & Chamomile Each eye pillow and neck wrap is made with 100% linen fabric. Linen Eye Pillow Dimensions approx. 9x4 Linen Neck Wrap Dimensions approx 28x5 

For Heat Therapy -

You can heat these hot/cold aromatherapy eye pillows in the microwave for 30 seconds to heat it up, then repeat for 15-second increments until you have reached the desired warmth.

For Cold Therapy -

To cool your eye pillow put it in a ziploc bag in the freezer for at least one hour to have a cold pack or keep one to store in the freezer to use as needed!

Eye Pillows are not washable but you can buy a separate eye pillow cover! 

Eye Pillows have long been used in yoga and meditation to help relax and clear your mind. They have also been said to bring relief to migraines and headaches. Many are scented with lavender flowers because the lavender scent is said to be calming and help with stress, anxiety, and insomnia.


100% cotton fabric, Rice, Organic Flaxseed, Lavender Flowers, Peppermint Leaves

Shipping & Returns

Return items must be sent back within 14 days of the return label being made and sent to you.

Upon receiving the item we will process a refund minus the return shipping amount. (We will give you our discounted shipping rate)

Due to the personal use of our products, our Aromatherapy items can only be returned if unopened and still sealed. 

100% Happiness Guarantee, if you have any trouble with your product we will replace it if it is not refunded eligible!


Approx. 9 x 4

Care Instructions

Please avoid getting water on your eye pillow, these are not washable but can be lightly wiped off and air-dried if needed. 

If you would like a washable version you can order a Washable Eye Pillow Cover

Handmade in Tennessee

Each one of our Eye Pillows, Neck Wraps, and Covers are handmade to order in Tennessee.

We would love to get some feedback from you, is there a pattern or color of fabric you would like to see? Is there an adjustment or addition to the Eye Pillows that you would suggest?

What about a special made product just for you? We love a challenge!