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Calm Your Vibes

Natural Air Freshener and Handmade Crochet holder

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This handmade crochet "satchel" is the perfect all-natural air freshener or crystal pouch for anywhere in your home, office, or car.

Made to hold a 3x3, 100% cotton sachet filled with your choice of Lavender flowers or Peppermint leaves. These sachets are made with this cute astrology fabric but if you have a preference for another color just let me know!

You can also fit a few small to medium healing crystals of your choice into the crochet holder for extra anxiety relief when you need it!

This comes with 3 individually sealed replacement sachets for continued use! You can extend the life of your sachet by sprinkling a few drops of essential oil on your sachet and placing it back inside the crochet satchel.

Colors may vary slightly due to the type of yarn used

Hang these natural air fresheners and crystal holders anywhere you could use a little stress and anxiety relief and enjoy. I like to hang one in the car and one at my desk! 😉

YarnBee yarn, Wooden Beads, 100% cotton & Lavender Flowers in the sachet, metal clasp

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Due to the personal use of our products, our Aromatherapy items can only be returned if unopened and still sealed. 

100% Happiness Guarantee, if you have any trouble with your product we will replace it if it is not refunded eligible!

The crochet Holder is approx 4 x 5 with a 12-inch hanging string, the lavender sachets are 3 x 3.

The crochet holder can be hand-washed in cold water and air-dried, the cotton lavender sachets are not washable and should never get wet.

Handmade in Tennessee

Each one of our Eye Pillows, Neck Wraps, and Covers are handmade to order in Tennessee.

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